Soil Vapor

Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP)


Provides real-time air monitoring results for volatile organic compound (VOC) levels upwind, downwind, and at the perimeter of the excavation.


Different contaminants required different air monitoring equipment. When monitoring and measuring dust particulates in the air, multiple types of monitoring equipment can be used. When monitoring and measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC) contaminates in the air, a Photo Ionization Detector (PID) is used.

Vapor Barrier

Monitoring & Certification

A professional engineer will certify the installation of the manufacturer’s approved vapor barrier system.

Governmental Agencies

Vapor barrier manufacturers must comply with the governmental agency protocols and requirements.

Sub-slab Depressurization System

Active SSDS

An active SSDS is an engineering control that requires a powered source to operate a fan or blower.

Passive SSDS

The passive SSDS is designed to properly establish a vacuum in the gas permeable layer and a negative (decreasing outward) pressure gradient across the building slab to prevent vapor migration into the building.

Advanced Site Restoration Environmental Geosciences