Soil Management

Soil Borings

  • Delineate the length, width and depth of a soil contaminated plume
  • To identify contaminates in the soil
  • To determine soil vapor intrusion/vapor barrier and/or SSDS remedies
  • To determine what governmental programs you can apply for
  • Waste classification borings to determine quantity/cost for disposal purposes and disposal facility acceptance
  • Geo-technical soil borings for architectural structure/foundation purposes

Soil Disposal

  • Soil disposal facility acceptance
  • Soil tracking and monitoring
  • Obtaining soil disposal manifests
  • Designing decontamination stations
  • Managing Site’s entrance and exits
  • Community Air Monitoring
  • Soil vapor suppressant
  • Daily reporting

Waste Classification

  • Locate, delineate, identify, and classify the contaminates located below the subsurface.
  • Provide trucking and disposal cost (per ton) for different soil types. i.e. residential clean soil, fill material, non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soil, and hazardous soil.
Advanced Site Restoration Environmental Geosciences