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ASR offers comprehensive environmental services. We will address your environmental clean-up needs – from the initial site inspection all the way through pre-acquisition or pre-disposition due diligence, construction excavation and the final city and state government approvals and sign-offs of your clean-up. We specialize in innovative problem solving methods that are cost-effective using the latest cutting edge technologies. We think “outside the box” and are in business to save you money on your environmental budget. ASR has successfully completed all types of development related remediation projects, with an expertise in projects involving petroleum and hazardous wastes contained in soil, water, and vapor. ASR has provided soil management/community air monitoring programs on many large and small development sites.

ASR has a high success rate of achieving No Further Action Status on its projects and is committed to long- term relationships with it’s clients. ASR offers continuous hands on attention to the needs and expectations of its clients. ASR is well known and works closely with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation, as well as other Federal, State, City, and local environmental agencies and has acted as a liaison or consultant for many clients. We are also frequently called in for “second opinions” and “peer reviews” of other environmental consultants and environmental engineers.

Advanced Site Restoration Environmental Geosciences